Your college years is the best time for you to travel. Getting permission from parents is not as tough and there is no boss yet to cancel your leave request. The coursework isn't much either so if you can sort out the money issue, the road is open.

College is that time when you're no more a kid but still not an adult. Travelling to different parts of the country, seeing new things and meeting new people can go a long way in shaping you as a person. Here are 15 destinations across India that you should visit with your college friends:

Live your jawani in Manali

If your college is in Delhi or thereabouts, Manali is probably the first place you should head to. Ease of access, picturesque mountains, awesome friends and a Bollywood film as your reference point, this destination is already a darling of every college group. Add to it, paragliding, rappelling and a visit to the Great Himalayan National Park and you just wouldn't want the trip to end.

Camping and Rafting in Rishikesh

Tell your parents that you are off to wash your sins away in Ganga Ji because they'll never allow you to go rafting on the roaring Ganga rapids. Call up any adventure sports operators in Rishikesh (there are plenty) and make your reservations for the raft and tent on the riverside, in advance. Keep beer cans and a volleyball handy and you would want to spend the rest of your life over there!

Go Goa

You don't need anyone to tell you why Goa is simply the best destination to visit in your college days! Ever since you heard about that place as a kid, it has to be on your travel list. Add to all those evil intentions, the Sunburn Festival and a trek to Dudhsagar waterfalls and you'll have experienced nirvana !

Taste the local flavours in Jaipur

If mystical palaces, royal gardens and folk flavour is your taste then Jaipur is the place to be. Gorge on delectable local cuisines in Chokhi Dhani and make Elephants your royal ride . Also expect to run into the who's who of the country, if you are planning to visit the place around The Jaipur Literary Fest.

Go skiing in Auli

Go skiing in the Himalayan mountains of Auli, Uttaranchal, and nobody will be able to catch up with you! Surrounded with magnificent Oak forests and enthralling views of Mana Parbat and Neelkanth, Auli is one of the best skiing destinations of India. You obviously can't fund a trip to Switzerland when you're still in college, but why not Auli?